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Merlin's Domain

 A humble doorway for those seeking a new self-consciousness.
For those wandering, this can be a starting point
for your journey.

On the next page, I have collected a few wondrous
sites of interest available to guide you or evoke curiousity.
 We are here to learn and grow from our experiences.

Thank you for visiting.
Self awareness ahead.
Wanderers seek wisdom through experience, adventure and stories of others.
The space below is dedicated for those personal experiences of your own journey.
In order to publish your words please send it to me via email, ensure to include your name if desired.
I will select one and post it here. It will be displayed HERE, for all.
Your thoughts here
For comments, suggestions, or story submission,  please email me at


Words spoken without thought can be damaging forever.
We must be mindful of our thoughts, take control of ourselves,
and harbor kindness. I encourage you to take the risk of kindness.
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